The fast delivery service

Your transport goods are delivered immediately and without detours by more than 400 vehicles without time-delayed collection. The price is calculated only according to kilometers driven. There are no costs due to waiting times. Vehicles arranged by us for courier services have a separate transport liability insurance.

Fares for courier trips:

  • 12,00 € basic fare including 5 km
  • 0,14 € for each additional 100 m
  • 3,00 € per intermediate address
  • 8,00 € surcharge for a combination/large vehicle*

*When specifically ordering a station wagon or large capacity vehicle.

All prices are exclusive of 19% value added tax.

Fare calculator for courier services Conditions of carriage
Taxi Ruf Bremen - The fast delivery service

Car transfer

Our driving staff will make sure that you are brought home with your car after drinking alcohol and that your car is immediately available again after you have slept in.

Of course, you can also entrust your car to us for workshop trips. For this service we charge you a price per kilometer according to the Bremen cab tariff regulation for the transfer of your car and the return journey of our driver.

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Taxi Ruf Bremen - Car transfer

Our service for wheelchair users

Modern wheelchairs can be transported in any of our cabs without surcharge, the assistance of the driver is also a matter of course.

If you are dependent on an electric wheelchair or would like to remain seated in your wheelchair during the ride, we have the appropriate special vehicles for you. Please remember to order your cab in time, so that we can arrange it according to your needs.

Taxi Ruf Bremen - Our service for wheelchair users

Chauffeur Service: Your car - our driver

We are happy to arrange our self-employed cab entrepreneurs* as chauffeurs for your vehicles on a time basis. You only pay a gross price per hour. There are no further costs such as taxes or social security contributions.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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Taxi Ruf Bremen - Chauffeur Service

Delivery service

Your dinner from the restaurant, the weekly shopping from the supermarket, medication from the pharmacy, the bottle of wine at night from the gas station - we bring it over.

When you place your order, first give us your phone number and we will call you back immediately. We charge for shopping trips according to the currently valid cab tariff for passenger trips.

Order only possible with Fixed-line network phone number!

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Taxi Ruf Bremen - Delivery service

Airport shuttle

We will gladly take you and up to seven fellow travelers to the airport and pick you up again. If you live outside of Bremen, we offer this service at a fair fixed price.

For more information, please refer to our fixed price list.

Fixed price list
Taxi Ruf Bremen - Airport shuttle

Safety should be affordable for every woman

We want you to get home safely. That's why many Bremen cab companies voluntarily offer this special driving service.

Women and children up to 14 years of age can request a women's night cab between 19:00 and 05:00 and save 21.5% compared to the normal cab rate (based on an average trip of 5 kilometers).

You can order your women's night cab conveniently via our central office.

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Taxi Ruf Bremen - Safety should be affordable for every woman

For small groups or large family

Our small buses with the large capacity for up to 8 passengers.

Please keep in mind that there may be waiting times at certain times when ordering large capacity cabs.

If more than 4 passengers use a large capacity cab, we charge a surcharge of 8.00 € on the cab fare.

more information about our fares
Taxi Ruf Bremen - For small groups or large family

Kids on board?

Children up to the age of 12 must also be secured in a cab according to their age group. Since it is not possible to provide a child seat for every seat for reasons of space, the legislator has limited the obligation to fasten seat belts to two children per vehicle. If more children are traveling, the accompanying persons must bring their own child seats. The same applies to infants and toddlers weighing less than 9kg (group 0).

Our cabs have different restraint systems required by law. Please specify which and how many child seats are required when placing your order:

Group 0:
up to 9kg ("Baby-Safe" or similar). We do not need to carry these systems with us. However, your child must be secured during the journey, i.e. you must provide the child seat yourself.

Group I:
9 to 15kg (child seats with fixed belt lock, booster seats with additional impact table): unfortunately, all commercially available seats are so large that they cannot be permanently carried in a cab. Therefore, only a few of our vehicles are equipped with them, so we can not guarantee their availability.

Group II/III:
15kg to 12 years or 1.50m height (booster seats, integrated child seats): most of our cabs have two of these seats.

Taxi Ruf Bremen - Kids on board?

The big flap ...

... for boxes and crates, suitcases and small stuff, child and cone, bits and pieces.

We do not charge extra for requesting a station wagon for passenger transportation.

Taxi Ruf Bremen - Station wagon

Ambulance trips

We want to help you get better - that's why your cab ride to the doctor or hospital should be comfortable and hassle-free.

Basic information:
All trips must be approved in advance by your health insurance company (exception: trips to inpatient treatment). Please make an appropriate application there. You must carry the authorization with you on every trip and show it to the driver.

more information
Taxi Ruf Bremen - Ambulance trips

Your key ... to happiness!

No more expensive emergency openings - with our key delivery service you will have your key deposited with us back in your hands within the shortest possible time!

This service costs a one-time deposit fee of 10.00 € (including insurance) until delivery.

The delivery fee for the city area is 45,00 €, for Bremen-North (from Lesum bridge) 65,00 €.

Mode of operation and general terms and conditions
Taxi Ruf Bremen - Your key ... to happiness!

We want to create standards

What you can expect from a SERVICE-TAXI ®:

  • Correct driving personnel
  • Assistance as a matter of course
  • Secure local knowledge
  • Safe German language skills
  • A well maintained, safe vehicle
  • 2 child seats for children weighing 15kg or more
  • Acceptance of customer cards
  • Umbrella on board
  • No cause for complaint

Help us to implement this nationwide first project of its kind. If you still have reason to complain, contact us within 3 days with the necessary data (date, time, cab and preferably driver number)!

You can order a SERVICE-TAXI ® normally in our head office. Surcharges are of course not charged.

Order service cab at 14014
Taxi Ruf Bremen - Service Cab

We make your car mobile

Your vehicle won't start? Within minutes a cab, a knowledgeable colleague, a jumper cable and a charged battery will be with you and help your car on the jump.

This brilliant idea costs you only 25,00 €.

Taxi Ruf Bremen - We make your car mobile

Animal in cab - animal transportation

All pets that can fit in the interior of a cab will be transported by us as a matter of course and without surcharge - except for animals that behave so aggressively that they pose a danger to the driving personnel. Out of consideration for allergy sufferers among our driving personnel, we ask you to always mention your pet when ordering if it is to travel with you.

You do not necessarily have to accompany your pet on the way to the groomer either. A number of our drivers have agreed to transport animals without an accompanying person.

For exceptional assignments, we have a transport box and trailer available (subject to surcharge). Please allow for adequate lead time when ordering.

Taxi Ruf Bremen - animal transportation