Your key ... to happiness!

No more expensive emergency openings - with our key delivery service you will have your key deposited with us back in your hands within the shortest possible time!

This service costs a one-time deposit fee of 10.00 € (including insurance) until delivery.

The delivery fee for the city area is 45,00 €, for Bremen-North (from Lesum bridge) 65,00 €.

Mode of operation and general terms and conditions:

The Principal entrusts Taxi-Ruf Bremen with one or more keys for safekeeping. The keys are kept in a sealed envelope in a security cabinet.

The personal presence of the principal is required for the application. If a second authorized person is to be provided, this person must also be present.

Taxi-Ruf Bremen does not record the name or address of the principal. The storage, delivery or return takes place exclusively under the password chosen by the principal and against the agreed security query. If a second authorized person is provided for, a separate security query is deposited for this person. Passwords are only issued once.

A delivery request is made by the client or the authorized person by telephone at  +49 421-14014. If the password cannot be given or if the subsequent security question is answered incompletely or incorrectly, delivery will be refused.

For delivery, the client agrees on a meeting point with Taxi-Ruf Bremen, whereby the direct naming of the client's address should be avoided. Instead, choose a street crossing or a restaurant. Taxi-Ruf Bremen is not authorized to ask for the principal's address.

Your envelope will be taken immediately by cab to the specified meeting point. The delivery will only take place after renewed legitimation by means of an identity card or passport and signature.

If the recipient does not have a corresponding ID with him/her and credibly assures that he/she will be able to present an ID after opening the apartment door, the legitimation can also be carried out after opening the apartment door. If the door of the apartment is opened without identification, the driver is obliged to request police assistance in order to establish the personal data.

The delivery fee is to be paid directly to the driver. The process is thus considered to be completed.

If the client decides to deposit the key again, a new order to Taxi-Ruf Bremen is required. The client should choose a new password.

If the client requests the return of the key, a regular delivery or personal appearance is required. In case of personal appearance, the complete delivery protocol (password, security query, legitimation) must also be observed. There is no refund of the deposit fee.