Things to know about the taxi

When it comes to a taxi ride, many rumours circulate and legal errors still persist. But what is allowed and what is not allowed during a taxi ride? The following text provides information about the rights and obligations when driving a taxi in Bremen.

Obligation to carry

All taxis are obliged to carry passengers on journeys within the city of Bremen. Passengers who pose a threat to the company (aggressive, armed, infectiously ill, insolvent...) or who are heavily soiled are exempt.

Carriage of property

Our obligation to carry also applies in principle to the objects you are carrying, provided they are to be placed in the interior of the vehicle. Dangerous items or those that could soil or damage the taxi are excluded from carriage.


The price of your taxi journey must be paid immediately after the end of the journey in cash and in banknotes that are not too large. At the passenger's request, cashless payment by credit or debit card must be accepted in every taxi. At least three different credit and debit cards commonly used in commercial transactions shall be accepted. The driver is not obliged to accept cheques or foreign currency. The driver is entitled to satisfy himself/herself of the passenger's ability to pay before the start of the journey. The passenger, in turn, has the obligation to check the change immediately.

Choice of vehicle

At taxi ranks, the passenger has the right to freely choose the vehicle or the driver.


The driver is obliged to choose the shortest route. If there is a reasonable, e.g. faster alternative, the choice of route must be made in consultation with the passenger.

Lost property

Can be reported to the central office by the drivers. Call or email us, and we will register the items found. The drivers also have the option of handing in lost property directly to the lost property office in Bremen.

Road traffic regulations

Of course, traffic regulations also apply to taxis. However, this also means that the driver cannot drive right up to your front door if you live in a pedestrian zone, or that he or she is bound by a speed limit, no matter how urgent the journey.

Obligatory tariff

All passenger journeys within the city of Bremen are subject to the taxi tariff obligation, i.e. they must be charged according to the taximeter. The taxi tariff obligation begins for taxis requested by telephone as soon as the vehicle is ready for service at your address. If you have pre-ordered your taxi at a certain time, of course only at the ordered time.


All taximeters are officially calibrated. Please look for a valid calibration seal - only the current or next calendar year may be indicated here.

Would you like to work as a cab driver?

To work as a cab driver, you need a driver's license for passenger transportation. You can apply for this at the authority responsible for your place of residence (in Bremen: Stadtamt-Führerscheinstelle, Stresemannstr. 48, corner Steubenstr.) if you:

  • Have reached the age of 21.
  • Have held a Class 3 or B driver's license for at least two years.

Evidence for processing your application

  • Proof of mental suitability by means of a police certificate of good conduct (is requested in Bremen by the driver's license office).
  • Proof of physical suitability by means of three medical certificates:
  • 1. general medical examination.
  • 2. eye examination.
  • 3. performance psychological certificate.
  • All three examinations can be carried out on one day at the premises of Taxi-Ruf Bremen.
  • A previous appointment is mandatory. Appointments can be made by calling (0421) - 14 01 55.
  • Proof of expertise. Proof can be provided by a certificate from a suitable body.

Further information can be obtained by telephone, 0421-14 01 54, Mondays from 14:00 to 17:00.

Fachvereinigung Personenverkehr – Landesverband Bremen e. V

The Fachvereinigung Personenverkehr is the state association of Bremen's cab companies. It serves the cab companies as an interface to the Senator for Housing, Mobility an Urban Development under whose supervision the Bremen cab industry is. It conducts trade policy negotiations on behalf of the cab companies. In addition, the association represents the economic interests of Bremen's cab companies, for example in the event of a proposed cab fare increase.

Furthermore, the association offers assistance in obtaining a cab license. It also offers the possibility of a training course for self-employment as a cab entrepreneur.

The professional association is led by a three-headed executive committee with three further assessors. This board is elected by the general meeting.

Logo Fachvereinigung Personenverkehr

Jakobistraße 20 (3. Etage) - 28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 - 14 01 54
Fax.: +49 421 -  17 00 31

Office hours always on Mondays
from 14:00 to 17:00.

The Passenger Transport Association is a member of the Bundesverband Taxi und Mietwagen e. V.(BVTM). You can find more information about the association, its work and current campaigns at