Child seats

Children on board?

Children up to 12 must be strapped in according to their age group in a taxi as well. Since it is impossible to keep a child seat in the car for every seat for space reasons, the legislator has limited mandatory wearing of seat belts to two children per vehicle. If more than two children are in the car, the persons accompanying them must bring the child seats with them. The same goes for infants and toddlers below 9 kg (Category 0).
Our taxis have various statutory restraint systems, many of which exceed the legal requirements. When ordering, please state which and how many child seats you need:

Category 0:

Up to 9 kg ( "Baby-Safe" or similar). For space reasons, we do not have to carry these systems on board. Your child must be secured however, meaning that you must provide the child seat.

Category I:

9 – 15kg: unfortunately there are no seats for children of this weight available that we can take with us all the time. As long only a few cars are equipped, we can’t guarantee availability.

Category II/III:
15 kg to 12 years (booster seats, integrated child seats, seatbelt adjusters).