Compulsory wearing of seat belts

As in any other passenger vehicle, you must wear your safety belt in a taxi. The driver is exempt from the compulsory wearing of a seat belt in the presence of the passenger.

Lost items

Must be reported immediately by our drivers. Call or e-mail us; we keep a record of all items found in the taxi.

Obligation to accept objects

Our obligation to accept passengers also applies in principle to the objects you have with you, provided that they can be accommodated in the interior of the car. Dangerous items or items that could soil or damage the taxi are excluded.

Obligation to accept passengers

For journeys within the city limits of Bremen, all taxis are obliged to accept passengers. Exceptions are made for passengers who pose a business risk (aggressive, armed, with an infectious illness, unable to pay...) or are extremely dirty.


The price of your taxi journey must be paid immediately at the end of your journey in cash and not too high-value banknotes. The driver is not obliged to accept cheques or foreign currency. The driver is entitled to satisfy himself that the passenger is able to pay before setting off. The passenger, however, is obliged to check his change immediately.

Right to choose vehicle

At taxi ranks, the passenger has the right to freely choose his car or driver.

Road Traffic Act

Rules of the road also apply, and some apply specifically, to taxis. This also means that the driver cannot drive you to your door if you live in a pedestrian zone and that he must keep to the speed limit even if you are in a hurry.


The driver is obliged to take the shortest route. If there is a sensible, i.e. quicker alternative, he must consult the passenger in his choice of route.


All taximeters are officially calibrated. Please look for a valid calibration seal - it should give this or next year.

Taximeter obligation

All trips within the Bremen city limits are subject to fares, i.e. they must be calculated by the taximeter. In the case of taxis called by telephone, the fare is charged from the moment the vehicle is standing ready for service at your address. But if you have advance-booked your taxi for a particular time, of course, the fare is not charged until that time.