Key drop service  | TaxiKey

We'll be your key keeper!

Forget about expensive locksmiths - with our key service, you'll have your original key in your hands in no time at all!

This is how it works:

Your house / car key is kept safe in our offices in an unmarked, sealed envelope under the constant supervision of our staff. The only thing on the envelope is a password of your choosing and a list of security questions. There are no clues as to the address. For the safe deposit, you pay € 10.00, including insurance, up to your first emergency. In case of emergency call +49 (0) 421 - 14 0 14, give your password and your location - do not mention your address. It's better to give a junction, restaurant etc. Our office will also ask the security question.

Your envelope will be brought immediately by SERVICE-TAXI to the meeting point. The charge for this service is calculated according to the table alongside. The key is handed over after you identify yourself with your ID card or passport and signature.

Of course, it is up to you whether you wish to deposit your key with us again. If you do, you should choose a new password and a different security question.